Keep Your Customers Safe From Corona Virus.

We are a professionally trained team of soft play centre designers and installers, we offer deep cleaning services and certification to help our industry get back on it's feet and ensure the safety of the parents and children usingplay centres across the Uk.
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Don't take risks, ensuring the safety of everyone using your premises, staff and customers is paramount. We offer affordable deep cleaning and maintenance contracts that you can use in your own social media marketing campaigns encouraging customers to use your play centres.
Air Transmissions
Transmission of germs onto toys and surfaces require cleaning by trained staff.
Humans Transmission
Transmission from human to human is obviously of great concern.
Toys & Surfaces
Toys and surfaces require regular cleaning as a preventative action.

Symptoms of Covid-19

We all know the drill and should be aware of the signs, be vigilant within your play centre and don't take risks. If in doubt call in a team of professionals who know the equipment and the facilities, it's a risk not worth taking. We need to protect our industry together, we are classed as high risk and need to ensure we aren't shutdown again.
Symptoms are include:

Protection from Covid-19

It's pretty simple really, don't put the responsibility on untrained staff, use a professional and reputable company to undertake deep cleaning. We know money has been tight and it's tough but the risks outweigh everything else, deep cleaning regularly is the ONLY solution right now.

Happy Staff, Happy Customers

  • When your staff feel safe too, and they aren't feeling reponsible for the safety of their customers this will be evident in their manner.
  • Customers presented with clear documentation and also evidence of your cleaning and care strategies will soon share their knowledge on social media and be filled with confidence.
  • We have children, we have seen those sites that don't invest in the care of equipment and customer safety, it reflects on all the responsible play centre owners.

Avoid Confrontation

  • People aren't stupid you know and people DO care about their CHILDREN and their SAFETY!
  • It takes just one bad example of neglect and all the hard work is undone so lets ensure we work together to keep up the reputation our ndustry deserves.
  • A happy customer is hard to get back once you upset them, be pro-active and be seen making an effort and that reputation will soon turn into customers returning to you.

Lead By Example

  • Use government guidelines and clear signage, we can provide everything you need for displaying information to children.
  • Ensure you use the right equipment and provide the right information to customers.
  • Be extra vigilant and don't cut corners and leave no surface or toy uncleaned, children are vulnerable.

Dry Away The Tears

  • Funtasia Design are here to provide a first level support network to softplay and children play centres, we are trained and qualified in COVID-19 prevention for play centres. We are here to help protect our industry and your customers.
  • Our services are affordable and can be set up on a rolling maintenance contract if required.
  • Our industry has suffered severely as we are classed as high risk, let's not give our government reason to enforce another duration of closure and work together. Your business is our business and without you, we don't have one.

Keep Our Families Safe

The government have highlighted children and the elderly are at risk, more so than anyone else in society.
The elderly are among those at greatest risk of COVID-19
Funtasia Design have spent decades designing and installing play centres, we feel it is our duty to help protect and rebuild it to the thriving public service it had become prior to COVID-19, and no other reason more so than to help protect our children and our elderly from the potential risk of the COVID-19 pandemic. Together we will overcome this and return to the awesome industry we have all worked hard to build, where children can have fun, be active  and socialise while we get to sit down and relax for a short while...and of course, have a little fun ourselves sometimes!
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