Soft Play Maintenance Services

Contractual Inspections


Comprehensive play area inspection

  • Time taken is dependant on size of Soft Play center and the following services can be provided
  • Minor repairs
  • Tensioning of netting
  • Tightening of nuts, bolts, screws, etc
  • Minor netting repairs
  • Minor repairs to PVC

(Please note: Should any major repairs be required on routine inspection then an EMERGENCY maintenance schedule would be requested and a member of Funtasia Design will inform the Soft-Play center Manager immediately)



Child Safety site inspection

The site designated for the Soft-Play installation will be inspected and assessed under ROSPA guidelines and will include assessments for hazards such as:

  • Unpadded walls 
  • Accessible wiring 
  • Possible trip hazards

The site Manager will be handed the results of the assessment and informed of the necessary work required before the suggested installation contract is agreed. 

All work required for installation will be provided with an itemised quotation as part of the Funtasia Design assessment.



EMERGENCY Maintenance & Servicing

A member of Funtasia Design will respond to an Emergency call-out within 24 hours and an ETA will be provided within 1 hour of call, if not immediately.

All repairs and materials used for the Emergency call-out will be itemised and a copy provided before leaving the Soft-Play center.

Soft-Play center will be made child-safe or in rare circumstances, where major repairs are required, Funtasia Design will obtain the necessary materials or equipment to have the center re-opened as soon as humanly possible.

Whilst on site Funtasia Design will perform an inspection of the Soft-Play center and notify the site manager of any potential maintenance or servicing deemed necessary for attention in the near future.

All quotations or itemised billing for works carried out will be provided by a member of Funtasia Design before leaving the center.



Additional Maintenance & Repairs

All materials required for the Soft-Play center will be obtained as soon as humanly possible if not usual stock item.

Additional Maintenance & Repairs will be carried out once the Soft-Play center site Manager has signed and agreed to additional work.

Again, all work will be correctly itemised and invoiced accordingly.



EMERGENCY Ball Cleans & Contract Ball Cleans

  • Soft-Play center must be closed. 
  • Machine will be set-up to empty the pool.
  • The pool will be hoovered and sterilised once emptied.
  • Balls will be returned into the pool.
  • Area must be left for a minimum of 2 hrs in order for the cleaning solution to evaporate (Notice provided!)
  • If the ball level is low the Soft-Play center Manager will be informed and a quote will be provided to top up the ball pool to the required level.



Structure Cleans

  • Soft-Play center must be closed. 
  • The complete structure cleaning includes ball-pools. 
  • Soft-Play structures vary from center to center, once a site has been visited and an assessment of cleaning required has been made, the Soft-Play site Manager will be informed of cleaning time scale.